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beautifultyrant's Journal

When asked by my best friend what I want to do in life, the best answer I could find was: "Live an interesting one. Have more good days than bad. End up with a lot of good stories." I think that has been what's spurred me on to being a world traveler. Correction, world-liver. Three countries, seven cities, ten years. Not as good as some, but not too bad either. A drama and English double major from the University of Toronto has given me the ability to be nothing but eccentric and vaguely learned. Now that my second stint in Canada is ended (a whirlwind tour of theatre directing and professional events planning all shoved into two years), I'm taking a bit of a break back in my home town before moving onto bigger and better things.

My current jobs, because I can never have just one, include working as a temp for my father's insurance office and doing gigs with murder mystery dinner theatre. Come see me next month in http://www.eatdrinkmurder.org 's "Funeral for a Gangster", where I will no doubt make a comedic fool out of myself.

Hopefully I remember to update this again once the show closes.